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Hey Friends... I wanted to share something I not only believe in, but it truly has made a huge difference for me personally! Bio-identical hormone therapy! I realize now it started for me in my late 30's. Because I identified hormone replac...ement with menopause (and knew I was not close to that at this point in my life), I didn't realize it was exactly the right answer for me.


Discounted Lab Services

As a convenience to our self pay patients and patients not covered by lab service insurance programs we offer an in office discounted lab testing program.  Standard testing is required and covered in the hormone treatment programs. Our goal is to provide affordable direct-to-patient testing. Empowering individuals to take control of health care costs while monitoring their overall health. Genesis Health’s lab rate are an average of 85% off of retail prices.

Preventive testing and early detection of disease is important.  Repeatedly, sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are transmitted by patients who never knew they were infected. With so many diseases that can develop without symptoms, such as diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, and different types of cancer, we urge our customers to take charge now.  A simple routine lab test can help detect many medical conditions.

Discounted Lab Service Genesis Health KC Leawood KS


For Standard Tests our Rates are $40.00 per test required.  Note: Exceptions do apply and will be discussed prior to service.

Description Price
VitaminB12 and Folates $40.00
Glucose $40.00
T4 $40.00
T3 Uptake $40.00
Iron & TIBC $40.00
T4 Free $40.00
T3 Hormone $40.00
Reverse T3 $40.00
CA 125 $40.00
UA $40.00
DHEAS $40.00
DHEA $40.00
CBC (DIFF/PLT) $40.00
Testosterone $40.00
TSH $40.00
FSH $40.00
Progesterone $40.00
Comprehesive Metabolic Panel $40.00
CRP $40.00
Insulin $40.00
Prolactin $40.00
Estradiol $40.00
Ferritin $40.00
Androstenedione $40.00
Transferrin $40.00
RPR $40.00
PSA $40.00
IGF1 $40.00
T3Free $40.00
FSH&LH $40.00
H&H $40.00
Executive Panel $40.00
Vitamin D $40.00
Testosterone Free and Total $40.00
SHBG $40.00
Lipid Panel $40.00
Homocystine $40.00
DHT $40.00
IGF BP 3 $40.00
NTX $40.00