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Hey Friends... I wanted to share something I not only believe in, but it truly has made a huge difference for me personally! Bio-identical hormone therapy! I realize now it started for me in my late 30's. Because I identified hormone replac...ement with menopause (and knew I was not close to that at this point in my life), I didn't realize it was exactly the right answer for me.



Why are hormones so important for a well-functioning body and mind?

Hormones impact every area of the body and all of the body’s functions. As part of the aging process, our bodies can’t produce the proper amount of hormones that we need to maintain our health and vitality. However, you can regain those functions that you’re losing or have lost by visiting our practice. At the Body Renew Medical Group, we help people regain their vitality through the Art of Age Management Medicine.

In our practice, we focus on restoring your hormonal deficiencies using bio-identical hormones. That means, simply, that we’re returning to our bodies the identical substances that our bodies used to produce. This process is called bio-identical hormones replacement therapy (BHRT), and it eliminates the unwanted side-effects that can appear when you take synthetic hormones or hormones that aren’t identical to what your body already produces. BHRT produces natural hormones that are exactly like your own hormones. Because our treatment is customized for each of our patients, when these hormones are introduced into your system, they’re as if they were made by your own organs and glands.

Body Renew Medical Group offers:

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for women
  • Natural Testosterone Therapy for men
  • HCG-Assisted Fat Loss from our “Best Body Composition Program”
  • Blood serum testing and consultation
  • Aesthetic Care
  • Spray Tanning
  • Botox
  • B12 Injections
  • XYMOGEN nutraceautical
  • SkinCeautical Products